SMGH VitalsLink

(Strathroy, ON) – Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital (SMGH) is excited to share our news of the implementation of Carescape monitors with VitalsLink (vital sign monitors) technology.  This implementation began when the Perioperative Program implemented new technology vital signs monitors in the Same Day Care (SDC) unit enabling complete integration into our Electronic Health Record (EHR).   Patient results are wirelessly sent to the patient chart using touch screen technology, which enables the nurse to spend more time on direct patient care rather than paperwork associated with manually recording patient results. Because of the positive impact to care delivery, MHA has spread the use of these Carescape monitors to the Endoscopy suite at SMGH and will be implementing these in the Acute Care Nursing Unit, Emergency Department and the Endoscopy at Four Counties Health Services (FCHS) this year.   Implementation of these monitors enabled SMGH to be early implementers in Canada and North America.   (Strathroy is the first site in Canada and third in North America to use these monitors in conjunction with Cerner.)

These GE Carescape VC150 touch screen monitors provide complete integration into our Electronic Health Record (EHR).   As part of the Electronic Health Record, these monitors send accurate patient data directly and wirelessly to our EHR by nurses at the point of care.  This technology enables staff to document an entire set of vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature) in dramatically less time than previously.  The process is quite simple, once all data is captured with the vital signs monitor; users simply tap the monitor screen to send information directly to the patient’s electronic health record.  The information is then viewable by other nurses or physicians from any computer workstation as soon as it is transmitted.  This direct connectivity minimizes the risk of charting errors, saves time by eliminating double documentation, enabling nurses to focus more time on patient care.  The monitors are portable and travel easily between patients providing nursing staff in the Perioperative Care area with the flexibility required for their unique clinical workflow.

MHA  is very excited to work with GE and VitalsLink to bring this new technology and connectivity into our hospital with the goal of continuing to provide high quality, technologically advanced care to our patients.

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