The laboratory team servicing patients at SMGH and FCHS focuses on providing the highest quality results while promoting continuous quality improvement through accreditation, assessment and education, with a primary focus on client satisfaction and people centered care.

The laboratory is located on the lower level of the SMGH site and includes Medical Laboratory Technologists and Medical Laboratory Assistants providing onsite testing of standard laboratory tests in Hematology, Chemistry, Coagulation and Transfusion Medicine for in-patients, emergency department patients and registered clinic patients. Our laboratory is partnered with London Health Sciences Center to provide Microbiology and Pathology testing as well as more complex investigative testing.

At FCHS nursing staff provide Point of Care testing for standard tests in Hematology, Chemistry and Coagulation for emergency department patients. In-patient testing and testing for emergency patients outside of the Point of Care scope is referred to SMGH and LHSC for testing.

Outpatients are encouraged to use a community based laboratory for their testing needs.


SMGH laboratory and FCHS Point of Care testing programs are both licensed by the Ministry of Health and Accredited by Accreditation Canada Diagnostics – Medical Laboratory Accreditation.

SMGH Certificate of Accreditation

FCHS Certificate of Accreditation


We are interested to have your input and feedback relating to laboratory services. Please reach out to or contact the Laboratory Manager at 519-245-1550 ext 5601

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