Outpatient Clinics

Many of the Ambulatory Care Clinics at SMGH operate full time. At FCHS these clinics are covered by visiting specialists who provide the following clinics: Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat), Audiology, General Surgery and Psychology. Appointments with specialists usually require a referral. Please contact your family physician.


Audiology services are available through Dr. Marc Raymond, ENT, located in the medical offices at Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital, 519-245-5295 ext. 5250.

The basic audiological testing includes:

  • Pure tone testing (air and bone conduction)
  • Sound field testing (for kids under 2) with visual reinforcement
  • Impedance testing – volumes, static and dynamic compliance
  • Stapedial Reflex Testing
  • Reflex tone decay
  • Speech Discrimination Score
  • Pure tone average

Other more advanced testing include:

  • CAP (central auditory processing) testing – an extensive array of testing for kids seven years and above, measuring higherbrain centre audiological function
  • Recruitment tests (SISI and other)
  • Tests for pseudo-hypoaccousis (malingerers)


Colposcopy  is a visual examination – somewhat like endoscopy or orthoscopy – using a low-power microscope. A colposcopy is the first follow-up diagnostic test that is done to determine the presence of possible abnormalities found in Pap smears. The microscope intensifies the cervix 10-40 times its normal size and the procedure can be used to identify or rule out the existence of any pre-cancerous conditions in the cervical tissue. It is a relatively simple and painless procedure that takes approximately fifteen minutes.

A referral is required from your family physician to book a colposcopy appointment.


Dr. Wei Loo holds a dermatology clinic at FCHS the first Thursday of every month.

Dr. Loo undertook her Internal Medicine training at the University of New South Wales, Australia. She then completed a Dermatology Fellowship in 2006 at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. Prior to moving back to Canada with her family this spring, Dr. Loo was a Dermatology Consultant at University Hospital in Durham, United Kingdom.

Consultations for evaluation of all types of dermatological (skin) conditions and lesions are available for adult and pediatric patients.


The Endoscopy clinic is used for examination of the esophagus and digestive tract. Endoscopy is the term used for a test in which a tube with a viewing camera is inserted to view organs without making a cut. The intestines are viewed during a colonoscopy by inserting the viewing instrument through the rectum. The physician is able to view the organs and take samples of tissue if necessary which means you may be able to avoid further surgery. These tests help diagnose various diseases of the esophagus, stomach and bowels.


Nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian is available for nutrition assessments; monitoring and education for all in- and out-patients as requested by physicians, health professionals, agencies and self-referrals. Nutrition counseling ranges from individuals with diabetes, renal, heart, allergic and gastro-intestinal (GI) disorders and food allergies to general good eating habits. Pediatric counseling is also available.

To contact a Dietitian call:

Four Counties Health Services, 519-693-6502 OR  Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital, 519-246-5902


This respirology clinic provides comprehensive assessment, treatment, patient education and improved coping skills for people living with chronic lung disease.  The Respiratory clinic/ rehabilitation program can stabilize or enhance the functional status and the quality of life for patients living with Chronic Lung Disease. The clinic utilizes a shared care model with a Nurse Practitioner (NP) providing a pre-consultation assessment, spirometry and patient education.

The clinic is led by Dr. Guatam Soparkar, an internist and respirologist currently practicing in Sarnia. He has previously served as a program director for internal medicine residents and an examiner for the Medical Council of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  He is an adjunct professor at the Schulich School of Medicine, University of Western Ontario.

Dr. Soparkar is now accepting respirology consultations at Four Counties Health Services, for the first Friday of each month.

A referral from your physician is required.

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