Patient Experience Feedback

At MHA we are committed to providing Exceptional Care to our patients and families. To us, this means we will partner with you and those who are supporting you through your care journey to improve your care experience. We are eagerly seeking your feedback about your recent care experience at MHA and to learn how it we could have made it better.

Following an Emergency room visit or inpatient stay you can expect to receive an electronic survey by email, if you consented to this at the time of registration. The survey  is short and takes only about a minute to complete online. We are extremely thankful for your time to complete the survey.

We are committed to understanding your experience and learning where were we can do better.    

If you do not want to participate in the survey let us know by emailing:

Patient and Family Advisory Council

The Middlesex Hospital Alliance has established a Patient & Family Advisory Council.  The Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) serves in an advisory capacity to Middlesex Hospital Alliance (MHA) by proposing recommendations that will aim to improve the patient & family experience at MHA.

Patient and Family Advisory Councils play a role in helping hospitals to become more patient and family-centered. The Council will serve as a regular meeting forum for patients and families to partner with hospital staff members, leaders and physicians to shape decisions and influence change. Patient and Family Advisors share their unique experiences and use their informed perspectives to advise on quality improvements, planning and evaluation of services across MHA to enable positive impacts on the delivery of health care and the patient experience.

Middlesex Hospital Alliance seeks Patient & Family Advisory Council members

The Middlesex Hospital Alliance (MHA) is actively seeking individuals to join our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). MHA prioritizes patients and their families, recognizing the importance of understanding their healthcare journey from their perspective.

Individuals who have received care at either of MHA’s two hospital sites (Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital or Four Counties Health Services), as patients or family members of patients, are eligible to apply.

The PFAC aims to represent the voices of MHA’s patients and families, who possess unique experiences, insights, and expertise that are invaluable in enhancing the quality and safety of care. By actively involving patients and families as partners, the PFAC provides a platform for them to contribute to the planning of services and processes, ultimately shaping a positive patient experience.

Julie McBrien, President and CEO of MHA, emphasizes the significance of a PFAC in identifying and addressing various needs across all aspects of care. Their contributions lead to tangible improvements, streamlining communications and processes, and facilitating smoother navigation within the healthcare system.
Recently our PFAC has provided input into meaningful projects such as patient experience surveys, Quality Improvement Plans, and the revision of the Patient Declaration of Values.

Becoming a PFAC member offers an incredibly fulfilling opportunity to effect real change based on personal experiences. It allows individuals to lend their voices and assist MHA in enhancing patient care. If you are interested in becoming a member of our PFAC, please contact our Patient Relations at or call 519-245-5295 ext 5594


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