New General Surgeon Joins the Team

The MHA welcomes Dr. Vipan Jain

The surgical program is continuing to expand in order to provide improved patient care in core services in keeping with the MHA strategic plan. The general surgery team of Dr. Akram Elgamal and Dr. Ian Ferguson as well as all of the OR staff are pleased to welcome Dr. Vipan Jain to the MHA.

Dr. Jain will perform endoscopy and general surgical procedures such as gallbladder removal, hernia repair, breast and bowel surgery. His practice specialty is in Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques (MIT) which represents a significant addition to the general surgery program at the MHA. Dr. Jain has gained recognition for his demonstrated expertise in MIT and has taught these techniques at UWO. This surgical approach is performed using laparoscopes to avoid large incisions when possible. This decreases the patient recovery time and shortens the stays in the hospital.

Dr. Jain’s addition to the surgical team will also serve to enhance emergency general surgical and obstetrical call. The MHA acknowledges the continued support of the community and Hospital Foundations in providing capital funds for necessary equipment purchases.

Dr. Jain is currently accepting elective patient referrals by facsimile at 519 246 6319 or by calling 519 246 6321.

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