Preparing for your Visit or Stay

Please note : Change to Preoperative Covid Testing for Elective Procedures and Surgery – Effective October 14, 2022

Covid testing will not be required prior to an elective surgery. Please reduce social activities and avoid large crowds or ill people in the ten days prior to your surgery. If you have had an exposure or symptoms your surgery may have to be delayed.

Please refer to the Preparing for Surgery During a Pandemic – Patient Handbook

Your Visit to Hospital

  • Before leaving from home, please double-check any special instructions regarding food or drink restrictions before your procedure or clothing suggestions that you may have received from your nurse, physician or specialist.
  • Please review the Visitation Policy when coming to the Emergency Department, any Ambulatory Care Clinic or day surgery appointment for Family and Essential Caregivers.
  • When you arrive, please come first to the Registration office; at the front of the building in SMGH, and through the Emergency entrance at FCHS.

What to Pack for your Hospital Stay

Preparing for your Hospital Visit or Stay

  • Cane, walker and/or wheelchair
  • Hearing aids, dentures or eyeglasses
  • Sleeping aids such as earplugs or eye masks
  • Care and/or dressing products such as stoma products, compression stockings, etc.


  • Pajamas and robe worn above the ankle so you do not trip or fall!
  • Non-slip and full-back slippers or walking shoes

Personal Care Items – Scent-Free please

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, denture cup, denture cream
  • Hairbrush, shampoo/conditioner, hairdryer*
  • Shaving supplies*, feminine hygiene products, lotions and tissues

* You are welcome to bring your own electrical appliances, such as hairdryers or razors, but they must be inspected, approved and labeled by our Environmental Services staff before they can be used in your room. To arrange to have your electrical appliances checked, speak to your Communication Clerk.


  • Prescription and over the counter medications in original containers
  • Herbal Supplements and vitamins in original containers

Additional Items

  • Health Card and/or insurance card
  • Credit Card to aid in payment and/or for telephone or television rental 
  • Small amount of pocket change for gift or café/coffee shop purchases

Please do not bring valuables, jewelry or watches or large sums of money.

Although we work hard to maintain a secure environment, we are not responsible for cash and personal belongings, including aids such as dentures, hearing aids, eyeglasses and electronic devices, which may go missing.

Discharge Information and Planning

When you no longer require the services of the Hospital, you will be discharged. Please make sure that you have after-care instructions, prescriptions, medications, diet and follow-up appointment information. This will be discussed with you by your physician or care team.

If you are unsure about anything, ask your healthcare provider before you leave. You may require care after your discharge from hospital. The hospital staff will help you decide on the available services that will best meet your needs. The Clinical Leader will provide information about alternative living options and will facilitate the most appropriate placement when returning home is not an option

Telemedicine Patients

A telemedicine visit uses cameras and video monitors to connect you to doctors and other health professionals over a distance, reducing your need to travel to receive care. When you have a telemedicine appointment, you will be able to see, hear and talk to a doctor or other health professional via two-way video.

  • Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment to register. This allows you to become familiar with the nursing staff/coordinator, room and equipment
  • Staff will try to see you at your appointment time, but sometimes there may be delays
  • You will be asked to sign a consent form for the telemedicine clinic before the visit begin
  • A Nurse/Telemedicine coordinator will be available for support during the clinic visit
  • The appointment is just like a regular check-up, except the doctor and healthcare team members are on a computer screen
  • Your appointment may take up to one hour
  • The Nurse/Telemedicine coordinator helps the doctor with the check-up during the appointment
    • The physician will determine if there is follow-up care and an appointment will be determined at a later date
    • All patient information is private and confidential
    • For more information on Telemedicine, see the frequently asked questions.
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