Current process and visitor restrictions

Given the Continued Spread of COVID-19 in the Community, MHA has approved a change to our Visitor Policy. 

Effective APRIL 12, 2021, the REVISED Policy allows for PREAPPROVED ESSENTIAL visitors ONLY.

The following essential visit request process is for non COVID‐19 inpatients who would greatly benefit from an in person visit:

  1. All essential visit requests are for patients who have a 3 day length of stay or longer for in patients. For ICU and palliative patients essential visit requests can be made upon admission. All visit requests must be approved by the unit manager.
    • If a patient is awaiting COVID testing results, visitation will wait until the test is determined to be negative.
  2. Essential visitors will be approved in advance and their information will be documented in the patient record and at the screening desk at each site.
  3. Visitors will be screened upon entry to the hospital.
  4. Hand hygiene will be reviewed with each patient visit.
  5. Visitors MUST wear the medical mask provided to them and this MUST be worn at ALL times while visiting the patient.
  6. Visitors will NOT be permitted to eat or drink during their visit
  7. Visits will be with the same individual.
  8. If able, the patient should wear an approved mask during the visit.
  9. If visiting a patient in a multi‐bed room, the curtain must be drawn around the bedsides of all patients and the visitor will stay within the bed space of the patient they’re visiting.
  10. Visits will be restricted to a one hour visit per day and this must be scheduled in advance. Maximum 2 per week (can be reviewed at the discretion of the Patient Care Manager and the patient care team).  The Patient Care Manager, in collaboration with the patient care team, will determine the length and location of the visit.

Designated visitors who do not follow these guidelines will be asked to leave. Thank you for your continued support to keep our patients, staff and physicians safe.   

If you have any questions about the visiting hours policy, please ask a member of your care team.

Women in labor1 designated support personFor duration of stay
Palliative1 designated family member/visitorDaily visit for duration of stay
Surgery/Medicine admitted patients1 designated family member/visitorOne visit per day for duration of stay
Emergency Department, when deemed necessary1 accompanying family member/support personFor ED stay only
Pediatric Patient ( under age 18)1 designated family memberFor duration of stay

Guidelines for Visitors

  • Please wash your hands or use the available liquid sanitizer when entering and exiting the hospital. 
  • Do not visit if you are ill or have been in contact with a person with a contagious illness (e.g. respiratory illness with fever, colds, chicken pox, flu)
  • Help us maintain a Scent Free environment. Please do not bring strongly scented flowers or use heavily scented body products (e.g. perfumes, lotion) when visiting. 
  • Do not bring latex balloons. 
  • The Hospital is a Smoke Free Environment. Anyone wishing to smoke will be required to leave the Hospital property. 
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