Visiting a Patient

Current process and visitor restrictions

Everyone who enters patient care areas must wear a hospital-issued mask and sanitize their hands.

Middlesex Hospital Alliance (MHA) recognizes the important role that visitors play in the support and recovery of their loved ones in hospital. We continue monitor and adapt our visitor policy to align with provincial direction and regional partners.

A visitor is an individual who provides physical or emotional support. Visitors may or may not be family members.

  • Regular visiting hours are from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. After hours visiting must be arranged in advance with the care team.
  • Visitors must remain masked in all clinical areas and should not remove their mask for any reason while at the bedside. Security is available for support as needed.
  • Inpatients may have two visitors at the bedside at a time.
  • Exceptions can be made for palliative patients. Multiple factors are considered including availability of palliative care room, unit activity, patient clinical status, care partner compliance and staffing.
  • One visitor may accompany the patient in the Emergency Department, Ambulatory and Same Day Care areas.
  • Children may visit when accompanied by an adult and are included in the number of visitors allowed at a time.
  • Visitors are asked to check in with the care team on arrival for any specific permissions or precautions.
  • When isolation precautions are in place, visitors are required to visit one at a time and comply with PPE.
  • Units in outbreak may have additional restrictions.
  • Pets are not allowed at any time.

Requesting an Exception: The Manager or delegate of the unit or department where the patient is receiving care will review clinical exceptions in consultation with the Infection Prevention and Control Team and the care partner.

Concerns may be expressed through Patient Relations by telephone at (519) 245-5295 ext. 5594 or by email at  A response will be provided on the next business day. In an urgent situation, please request the unit manager (or manager on call if after business hours).

Guidelines for Visitors:

  • Do not attend if you are ill, even with minor symptoms.
  • Do not visit if you have been in contact with a person with a contagious illness (e.g. respiratory illness with fever, colds, chicken pox, flu) in the past 10 days
  • A medical mask is required in patient care areas.
  • Do not bring food or beverages for personal consumption into a patient room or in patient care areas.
  • Wear additional personal protective equipment if requested by staff.
  • If able, the patient should wear a hospital approved mask during the visit.
  • Patients in a multi-bed room will have curtains pulled around them when the care partner is present. The care partner will stay within the curtained area.

Expectations While in Hospital

  • Perform hand hygiene when entering and upon leaving the patient room
  • Stay in the loved one’s room until during the visit.
  • Sit in chair provided and not on patient’s bed.
  • Do not use the patient washroom. Public washrooms are available; inquire with the unit where the patient is receiving care for locations.
  • Do not provide assistance/care for other patients.
  • Do not linger in hallways or spend extended time in public/common areas. Public washrooms are open and cafeteria seating areas are open (subject to availability)

Help us maintain a Scent Free environment. Please do not bring strongly scented flowers or use heavily scented body products (e.g. perfumes, lotion) when visiting. 

The Hospital is a Smoke Free Environment. Anyone wishing to smoke will be required to leave the Hospital property

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