Middlesex Hospital Alliance (MHA) Approves Updated Strategic Plan

At its May 30, 2012 meeting the members of the MHA Board of Directors approved an updated Strategic Plan for the MHA.

The new plan extends many of the initiatives approved in 2010 until 2015.

“We decided to largely refresh and extend our current strategy.  It has proven to be a wise and effective course of action.  The Board believes that this strategy will continue to guide both of our hospital sites on how best to serve our communities for the next three years,” said Cheryl Waters, Chair of the Board for the MHA.

Waters went on to say “Under the leadership our hospitals’ President, Michael Mazza and his team, the MHA has been able to deal effectively with a number of operational challenges despite the fiscal constraints facing Ontario’s hospitals.  It only makes sense that we stay the course until we have a clearer picture for the future of health care in our region and in Ontario.”

Under the revised plan, the MHA has agreed to work innovatively and as a team to achieve 5 goals by 2015.  They are:

  1. Delivering timely access to patient care services
  2. Meet or exceed established quality benchmarks
  3. Invest in the people of the MHA in accordance with the organization’s principles and purpose
  4. Provide a safe environment for patients and people, and,
  5. Ensure fiscal responsibility.

The Board has approved keeping its statements related to Mission, Vision and Principles the same.  “Our consultations with both staff and stakeholders indicated that these statements resonate strongly and did not need to be changed,” said Michael Mazza, President and CEO of the MHA.  “We are pleased and gratified to enjoy the support of our Board and we look forward to working with them over the next three years to achieve our goals and objectives.  The refresh was developed by in-house staff and approved by the Board of Directors.

For more information about the MHA strategic plan, please contact Cheryl Waters, Board Chair of the MHA 529-245-1550, Ext. 5593.


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