FCHS Opens Palliative Care Suite

(Newbury, ON) – On April 7, 2015, several hospital and community dignitaries attended the opening of the new Palliative Care Suite at Four Counties Health Services (FCHS). At the official opening, the Suite was blessed by members of the FCHS Pastoral Care Committee, Rev. Deb Dolbear VanBilsen, Pastor Jamie Greenwood and Rev. Richard Golden.  The addition of the Palliative Care Suite was one of the recommendations brought forth in FCHS’s renewed vision paper. The Suite will offer palliative care patients and their families’ privacy and dignity in a calm, peaceful space.  Features of the unit include a kitchenette and a space for family to sleep, complete with furnishings.

 “MHA is pleased to announce the opening of a dedicated unit for palliative/end of life care at the FCHS site.  The room is a welcome addition to the breadth of services offered by Four Counties Health Services,” says Ken Williams, MHA Board Chair.

The need for palliative care continues to grow.  Every year approximately 30 patients use the FCHS site in end of life situations. “Families will have the ability to spend quality time with their loved ones in a more home-like environment,” said Todd Stepanuik, President & CEO of MHA.  “This suite is an integral part of the renewed vision for patient care at FCHS.”

Chief Operating Officer Nancy Maltby has been involved in the various planning stages of the suite.  “Staff is pleased with the addition of a dedicated area for palliative care,” stated Maltby, “and many are currently receiving specialized training to better care for these patients.”

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