MHA Celebrates its Outstanding Volunteers

The smile that greets you at the door, a helping hand to show you the way, a cheerful presence as you browse the gift shop; all of these and many, many more are the faces of the MHA volunteers – many faces, many caring jobs and many caring souls.  This year’s theme for volunteer recognition was “the ripple effect”.

There are 121 active volunteers who generously give of their time, skill, energy and kindness to patients, families and staff of the MHA.  This past year, volunteers of the MHA contributed a combined total of 15,218 hours to the two sites.  The contributions of volunteers at MHA are far reaching and their heartfelt desire to make a positive difference in the lives of all those we serve are appreciated.  Volunteers work in almost every department throughout the two sites.  Their ages span from 14 to 90+ years.

“What they do is extraordinary”, stated Ken Williams MHA Board Chair. “Volunteers are an essential part of our MHA family and we are indebted to them for everything they do!  It is very comforting for our patients to be greeted and assisted by our caring and compassionate volunteers.”

“Our volunteers’ contributions are vast and diverse,” said Todd Stepanuik, MHA President & CEO.  “Just like no two stones are identical, each and every volunteer is unique and brings their own unique talents to MHA.”

Simply put, “Each volunteer is part of the ripple effect and that is what makes the MHA Family of Volunteers rock!” says Meg Sattin, MHA Volunteer Coordinator.

On Wednesday, April 15th at the SMGH site and Thursday, April 16th at the FCHS site, the organization hosted the annual volunteer appreciation dinner to recognize the contributions of the volunteers.

If you are interested in joining the ever expanding volunteer team at either the SMGH site or the FCHS site please contact:  Meg Sattin, MHA Recruitment Officer, 519-245-5295, Ext. 5595 or email

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