FCHS Officially Opens New Radiology Suite

(Newbury, ON) – January 13, 2016 marked the official reopening of the Four Counties Health Services (FCHS) X-Ray suite.  The suite has undergone an extensive renovation to prepare for the arrival of new state-of-the-art imaging equipment.  The room has been renovated and redesigned to improve patient accessibility and staff ergonomics.  FCHS has also introduced a new mobile X-Ray unit.

It’s all about quality and safety…The purchase of the new digital x-ray suite and portable digital radiography unit will provide improved quality of imaging, increased safety to the patient, faster imaging, improved accessibility and increased safety for staff, all which contribute to detection and diagnosis, patient safety and satisfaction.

On hand to share a few remarks at the ribbon cutting ceremony were Bonnie Twyford, Middlesex Hospital Alliance board representative; Paula Downs, FCHS Foundation board chair; and Todd Stepanuik, President and CEO of the Middlesex Hospital Alliance.

FCHS was also pleased to welcome two families whose children recently visited FCHS for their imaging needs. Joe and Liam Beadle, along with Lauren Caughy participated in the official ribbon cutting ceremony, with our mobile X-Ray unit in the background.

The FCHS Foundation presented a cheque for $700,000, which was made possible by the generous contributions from individuals, service clubs, and municipalities in the area.

After the ceremony, attendees then had an opportunity to participate in guided tours of the new suite.

“FCHS Foundation is pleased to have contributed to the addition of this wonderful resource for our community. Special thanks to the Municipalities of West Elgin and Southwest Middlesex, County of Lambton and the Village of Newbury as well as the individuals and corporations that made this a reality,” says Paula Downs, FCHS Foundation Board Chair.

“The new Diagnostic Imaging suite at FCHS is another investment into ensuring our ability to provide exceptional care for our patients right here at home,” says Todd Stepanuik, President and CEO of Middlesex Hospital Alliance.   “I am sincerely very proud of the extremely generous support by residents.  The new equipment at FCHS is a noble achievement.  This is a major milestone for our hospital, our patients and our community at large.  I would like to acknowledge the unwavering support of the FCHS Foundation. The success of this campaign rests upon the many individuals, groups and communities.  Recognizing the significance of the hospital in meeting the healthcare needs of this community, many have given generously to this campaign and with this equipment, we are even better equipped to serve the people we care for.

”“Congratulations to the FCHS Foundation Board, the many volunteers and staff and the Four Counties Community for your compassion, hard work and dedication to make the purchase and installation of this new equipment at Four Counties a reality. The vision at Four Counties since opening its doors in 1967 has been to provide high quality health care services to patients closer to home.   This vision continues today as we provide excellence in quality and services through innovation for the patients we serve,” says Bonnie Twyford, speaking on behalf of Dawn Butler, MHA Board Chair.

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