Automated Drug Dispensing introduced at FCHS Emergency Department

(Newbury, ON) – MedSelect Flex, an automated drug dispensing cabinet has been installed in the FCHS Emergency Department thanks to the generous donation and support of the FCHS Foundation and its many donors.

“This new stationary cabinet dispenses individually packaged doses of medication as needed, providing the right drug and right dose every time. This reduces the potential for human error.  Other key benefits include increasing patient safety, improving drug inventory management and quality control” says Pharmacy Coordinator K. Clark. “Single-dosed packaging of all medications features bar-code scanning and verification to ensure that the correct medication is given to patients.”

“Improving patient safety and minimizing risk is a commitment the Hospital embraces. This is another step towards our commitment,” says N. Maltby, Chief Operating Officer.

MHA recently converted to single-dose medications and a standardized system for bar-coding.  Automation of medication administration and bar-coding medications brings MHA to a higher level of patient safety and is part of the organization’s ongoing commitment to safe medication practice.

Medication errors of any kind can have serious consequences that may cause an adverse drug event.  The introduction of this technology will not only enhance how medication is safely distributed to patients but will change the process of medication dispensing at FCHS.

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