MHA becomes BPSO Site

(Strathroy, ON) – The Middlesex Hospital Alliance (MHA) is excited to announce a new partnership with the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO).  This partnership will enable MHA to become a Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO).

MHA has been successfully awarded BPSO pre-designate status and will receive official BPSO Designation by April 2020.  As part of this partnership with RNAO, MHA is now a member of a global network encompassing 700 health-care and academic organizations.   This is a dynamic partnership which focuses on making a positive impact on patient care through evidence-based practice. The Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) initiative provides support to organizations that have formally agreed to implement and evaluate multiple RNAO best practice guidelines over a three year period. Requests for proposals to become a BPSO are released every three years and MHA was one of five hospitals awarded this status.

Becoming a Best Practice Spotlight Organization means MHA will implement five Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs) over the next three years. These guidelines will continue to build upon and enhance strategies which are currently in place ensuring our patients receive care that is guided by the latest evidence based research.  The BPSO program supports the implementation of BPGs through a multi-disciplinary team approach which results in optimizing nursing care, and improved patient and organizational outcomes by promoting a culture of evidence-based nursing practice and decision-making.

MHA has chosen the following five Best Practice Guidelines as a starting point and will continue to add more BPGs in the years to come:
1. Integrating Tobacco and Nicotine Interventions into Daily Practice
2. Preventing Falls and Reducing Harm from Falls
3. Delirium, Depression and Dementia for Older Adults: Assessment and Care
4. Assessment and Management of Pain
5. Assessment and Management of Pressure Injuries

Becoming a BPSO requires collaboration and engagement with physicians, staff, volunteers, patients and families and our designated BPSO Steering Committee is very excited to have each of these groups represented.

When you visit SMGH or FCHS you will see new wraps on the elevator doors and banners in the front lobbies depicting the 5 BPGs.  On each of these you will also notice our tagline; Every Day Excellence.

Many benefits exist for MHA to become a BSPO including provincial recognition, adherence to quality standards of care and financial support for ongoing staff education.  Beyond the BPSO designation, is the recognition that MHA is utilizing best practice guidelines in the care of our patients.  Implementing BPGs will support improved health care, enable the transfer of research evidence into practice and stop interventions that have little positive effect for patients.  Those receiving care at MHA will see the benefits of standardized care using the latest research by all members of the health care team.

Middlesex Hospital Alliance is delighted to continue to provide excellent care for those in our community.  We are confident that this global network membership and strategic partnership will positively impact our patients, health care team and our organization as we continue to service the needs of our community.

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