Community Lab Services – Dynacare Collection Centre at FCHS

(Newbury, ON) – The Four Counties Health Services (FCHS) is pleased to announce that Dynacare will be establishing a specimen collection centre, for community lab work, at the FCHS.  Community lab work includes tests that are ordered by Family Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Specialist private offices.  The development of this lab collection centre is in keeping with, and supportive of, the Health Village model that the MHA envisions for the FCHS campus.

Effective Monday, September 10th, Dynacare will go live with their community lab specimen collection centre at the FCHS site.  For a 4-month transition period, the Dynacare collection centre hours of operation will be Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  “We’re proud to provide access to healthcare solutions in Newbury”, said Renee Leventhal, Director of Physician Relations at Dynacare.  “Our partnership with Four Counties Health Services will allow us to help improve the overall health and wellness of the community”.

The FCHS Lab will be focused on the services required for the FCHS ER, Ambulatory Care and Inpatient Unit.  Any community lab patients who present to the FCHS Lab area will be redirected to the Dynacare location.

During the 4-month transition period, the FCHS Lab will perform blood draws on Fridays.  Members of the community will experience no change in their ability to get bloodwork drawn other than the new location within FCHS.  “We are very happy to have re-established Dynacare’s presence on the campus so that we can ensure that the community continues to have access to services”, said Alasdair Smith, VP-Finance for the Middlesex Hospital Alliance.  “This allows us to focus on the Hospital’s range of services and lets Dynacare focus on the wider community lab service”.

Signage will be installed to help direct patients to the Dynacare location.  Access through the “Main Entrance” is the easiest route.

Dynacare will be meeting with local and regional Physicians and Nurse Practitioners over the next few weeks to introduce the change to this service.

Both partners are committed to working to ensure the new venture’s success for patients, and their primary care practitioners.

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