Middlesex Hospital Alliance Establishes Patient and Family Advisory Council

Middlesex Hospital Alliance is excited to announce that it is launching a Patient & Family Advisory Council.  The Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) will serve in an advisory capacity to Middlesex Hospital Alliance (MHA) by proposing recommendations that will aim to improve the patient & family experience at MHA.

The Council will be guided by the MHA Mission: “To Provide the Healthcare We Would Expect for our Own Families”.

Patient and Family Advisory Councils play a role in helping hospitals to become more patient and family-centered. The soon to be established Council will serve as a regular meeting forum for patients and families to partner with hospital staff members, leaders and physicians to shape decisions and influence change. Patient and Family Partners share their unique experiences and use their informed perspectives to advise on quality improvements, planning and evaluation of services across MHA to enable positive impacts on the delivery of health care and the patient experience.   Rosemary Frketich, MHA Vice President of Clinical Services & CNO stated, “I am very excited to work with Patient Partners to establish the MHA Patient & Family Advisory Council.  This journey will enable MHA to continue to improve the patient experience across the organization.”

To establish this PFAC, Middlesex Hospital Alliance is looking for interested members of the community to apply to be a Patient and Family Partner as a member of the Council.  Patient and Family Partners are individuals who have received care at one or both sites of the MHA or are the family members or loved ones of the person who received care.  Patient and Family Partners are expected to share experiences, insights and ideas to ensure the voice of the patient and family continues to be incorporated into the decision making process.  If you are someone with ideas to improve the patient experience and have a desire to make a difference for all patients at MHA then consider applying to become a Patient and Family Partner through this easy on line application:


Please consider sharing your vision and expertise to continue to improve the patient experience.

For more information, contact Rosemary Frketich, Vice President Clinical Services, Chief Nursing Officer.

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