Middlesex Hospital Alliance announces it’s Board of Directors for 2021-22 and new Board Chair

(Strathroy, ON) – The Middlesex Hospital Alliance (MHA) voting members approved the organizations Board of Directors for the 2021-22 fiscal year following election at the Annual General Meeting of the Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital and Four Counties Health Services on July 14, 2021.

We are pleased to announce that Catherine Osborne has been elected Chair of the MHA Board of Directors for a two-year term.

The role of the Chair is to assure the integrity of the Board’s process, and to represent the Board within the hospital and to outside parties. The position also plays a critical role in ensuring the health care needs of our residents and the immediate catchment area are fully represented and reflected in all decision-making at the Board level.

Mrs. Osborne succeeds Bonnie Twyford as Board Chair. Mrs. Twyford has completed her term as Chair, but remains on the Board as the immediate past Chair. The hospital thanked Bonnie for her contributions and dedication over the past two years as Chair. “In my time as Chair of the Board, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a dedicated team of trustees. It has been an incredible privilege to serve as Chair of the MHA Board,” said Mrs. Twyford.

In thanking Mrs. Twyford for her service, Mrs. Osborne noted, “Bonnie has provided phenomenal leadership to the Board during her tenure as Board Chair. She has been instrumental in building a Board of Directors with a broad range of experiences. Our organization has benefited immensely from her commitment and leadership.”

We are excited to have to have remarkable and diverse business professionals as part of our Board leadership. Our new Board of Directors brings tremendous leadership and industry experience as well as financial and governance expertise. Coupled with their passion for our rural communities in London-Middlesex, our Board of Directors will help drive our Mission, Vision and Principles.

Catherine Osborne,  Chair of the Board

Catherine Osborne, MBA, PMP, PMgr. is founder and CEO of CORPORATE HARMONY, providing virtual solutions for leadership development and organizational culture change and whereby she guides existing and emerging leaders to the next level in their leadership journey using the skill of ‘Positive Presence’ for enhanced productivity, improved wellness, and increased organizational performance. Her leadership and coaching experience in her prior role as a Project Manager in a unionized, ever-changing, fast moving technological organization with unrelenting demands drove her to the realization that a positive mindset and strength-building behaviours are essential for today’s complex and chaotic organizational systems. Catherine is current board chair of Faith Trinity United Church and past board chair of Westover Treatment Centre. She also authored the book, “CORPORATE HARMONY – The Performance Link for Today’s Modern Organization”

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About MHA:
The Middlesex Hospital Alliance (MHA) is comprised of two fully accredited partner sites: Four Counties Health Services and Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital. A progressive, team-oriented and technologically adept organization of excellence, the MHA is creating a more integrated and seamless approach to treatment by embracing and seeking out partnerships, through collaboration and investing in people. This coordinated approach helps to ensure that a high level of service is provided, while reducing costs and continually enhancing quality.

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