COVID-19 Outbreak Declared on Active Nursing Unit at Four Counties Health Services

The Four Counties Health Services (FCHS) is dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak. The Middlesex-London Health Unit, declared the outbreak on December 09, 2022 after two patients tested positive on the Acute Care Nursing (ACNU) inpatient unit. An outbreak for COVID-19 is declared, in partnership with the Middlesex-London Health Unit, as soon as there are two or more confirmed positive cases among patients or staff that could have possibly been acquired on an inpatient unit. After 10 days with no new cases or high risk exposures, the outbreak can be declared over in consultation with the Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU).

FCHS is working in close conjunction with the MLHU to ensure all appropriate measures are in place. Enhanced precautions, contact tracing, surveillance and testing are in progress. The patients and their families have been contacted. Physicians and staff affected by the outbreak will be contacted. The MHA Infection Prevention and Control Specialist and MHA leadership teams are monitoring the situation closely. The MLHU continues to provide guidance and direction.

Admissions to the unit may be limited. In addition, visitors and essential care providers are limited to one visit per day with the exceptions being provided for palliative care patients. Care teams will regularly update families/caregivers and make them aware of opportunities for virtual connections.

Due to the widespread community transmission of COVID and other respiratory viruses it is not surprising to identify potential transmission within the hospital setting. It is clear that everyone has been conscientious and doing an exceptional job with proper PPE use and hand hygiene.

The hospital would like to thank the Middlesex-London Health Unit for its ongoing support. MHA encourages all members of the community to continue following public health guidelines – including staying at home when ill, frequent hand washing, wearing a mask, physical distancing, getting fully vaccinated including your booster and flu shot.

Thank you for your continued support to keep each other and the community we serve safe.

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