Introduction of MHA’s New Patient Declaration of Values

(Strathroy, ON)  We are pleased to share with you a significant development that aligns with our commitment to patient-centered care.

Since 2010, when the Province of Ontario introduced the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA), MHA has had an established “MHA Patient Rights and Responsibilities” document.  Much time has passed and much has changed since then, so MHA decided to embark on a comprehensive rebuild and modernization, which better highlights our approach to patient rights and responsibilities.

To ensure that the values embedded in our new declaration genuinely resonate with the needs of our patients and their families, we turned to our MHA Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) for their invaluable input. Their insights were instrumental in reshaping and creating our new “Patient Declaration of Values – My Rights and Responsibilities.” This work underscores the collaborative partnership between our organization and our patients and their families.

The MHA remains committed to empower patients and their families through education and support, enabling them to actively participate in their own care. Dawn Butler, Past Co-Chair of the Patient Family Advisory Council, stated, “The Patient Declaration of Values reflects how we want to act while at our hospitals, and how we expect staff working at the hospital to treat us. The Council is extremely proud of our contribution to this very important piece of work”. 

Krista Shea, Vice President of Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Officer, commented “The new Patient Declaration of Values demonstrate the important bond and mutual relationship between our healthcare team and our patients and their families, and will  serve as foundational philosophy guiding the delivery of care across the MHA”.

Formal launch events for the new Patient Declaration of Values were held on February 14, 2024 at SMGH and February 20th at FCHS.

To learn more about our new Declaration or our Patient and Family Advisory Council, please visit our MHA website under Patience Experience.


For local inquiries:
Middlesex Hospital Alliance
Stacey Griffin   
Executive Assistant to the CEO, Coordinator of Board Affairs
(519) 245-5295 ext: 5593  

About MHA: The Middlesex Hospital Alliance (MHA) is comprised of two fully accredited partner sites: Four Counties Health Services and Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital. A progressive, team-oriented and technologically adept organization of excellence, the MHA is creating a more integrated and seamless approach to treatment by embracing and seeking out partnerships, through collaboration and investing in people. This coordinated approach helps to ensure that a high level of service is provided, while reducing costs and continually enhancing quality.  
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