Quality Improvement Plan

Quality improvement is an ongoing priority that helps us continually find new and better ways of doing things so that we can enhance care for patients, increase satisfaction and achieve even better clinical outcomes. Our Quality Improvement Plan, or QIP, is one tool that we are using to help us document and review our current performance in a variety of areas. With this plan, we will be able to very clearly see our targeted areas for improvement and chart our progress.

The Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA), effective June 2010, requires all Ontario hospitals to create and make public an annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

Through a QIP, every hospital in Ontario is required to set targets aimed at making improvements in the areas of Safety, Effectiveness, Access and Patient-Centredness. Hospitals are accountable for achieving these targets and reporting to the public on their performance and plans for improvement. Hospitals have been given a standardized planning template that must be completed by April 1 of each year and then submitted to the Health Quality Ontario, so that the HQO can report on province-wide results.

A Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) provides a meaningful way for the Middlesex Hospital Alliance (MHA) to clearly articulate our accountability to our community, patients and staff. Our QIP is focused on creating a positive patient experience and delivering high quality health care

Our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is made up of two parts

A document that provides a brief overview of our quality improvement plan, highlighting and listing our hospital’s top priorities for the year.

A spreadsheet that includes our improvement targets and initiatives. The spreadsheet includes a core set of indicators used by all similar hospitals across the province. The indicators support province-wide comparisons.

The MHA 2024/25 Quality Improvement Plan was approved by the Board of Directors on March 27, 2024

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